In Italian and French, the meaning of the name Lucie is: Light; Illumination; Graceful Light.

Our Mission

  • Lucie was founded by Emmy-award winning journalist Craig Lucie. While his last name is “Lucie,” it actually means light or illumination. Having covered news his entire career, Lucie wanted to shine a light on all the good behind companies and nonprofits. Our motto: ‘Create your news’ is exactly what we aim to do for your business. In order to ‘humanize’ your company, we believe in creating compelling content that will resonate with your viewers.
  • Founded by journalists, Lucie applies this experience to content creation, marketing, PR, brand strategy, and much more. It is from this unique perspective that the core of our strength as a firm originates. Storytelling of all kinds has always been central to our professional careers, and with that comes the extensive knowledge of building stories made for different audiences through various media platforms. With that, it is our goal to illuminate your business and launch you on the path of becoming your own content creator.

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