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After almost two decades in the news business, Craig is now using his background to help businesses, non-profits and individuals follow this motto: #Createyournews.

The company, Lucie, was born from the idea to shine a light on the positive things happening in our world and to share compelling stories that resonate with your audience. The majority of our team has a background in journalism. We apply our experiences in a fast-paced newsroom to content creation, marketing, PR, brand strategy, and much more.

With the help of his team, Craig helped take the newsroom model where...

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A proud graduate of Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, George is an award-winning journalist who's spent his entire professional career experiencing the power of content creation and analyzing the evolution of content consumption.

Prior to Lucie, George was the Digital Content Manager for the No. 1 local TV station in the country. In his role, he oversaw and took round-the-clock ownership of the station’s digital assets, including the website, smartphone applications, and social media channels. It was during this stretch of his career that George...

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John is a multi-faceted digital marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience in developing digital strategies and content for brands and businesses. He is constantly on the hunt for the latest software, algorithm tweaks, and trends to bolster his already impressive portfolio of skills.

You can reach him directly at John@LucieContent.com.

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Mark is a visionary and results-driven professional with 20+ years of experience overseeing productions including feature films, TV shows, commercials, documentaries, and web series.

Prior to joining Lucie, he spent many years in Los Angeles working as a DP and Director in narrative films, long form documentaries and the reality genres.

Some of the titles of his work include the Hulu Original comedy series ‘QuickDraw’, the depression era drama ‘Carolina Low’, steaming series ‘Teachers’ and ‘I Love You Just The Way I Am,’ the true crime film ‘Gosnell - The Trial of America’s...

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With vast experience in editing, shooting and all things technical, Dylan is the perfect "Content Guru" for Lucie Content. He has spent the majority of his career working with businesses and companies on their video content. He's a fantastic asset dring pre- and post-production. Dylan wears a lot of hats at Lucie Content, and he wears them well.

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Casey Nichols is an Emmy and Murrow Award-winning photojournalist with nearly 20 years of experience in television news. His passion for journalism started in high school, where he anchored the morning announcements. He is a graduate of the University of West Georgia with a degree in Mass Communications.

Casey’s professional career started at a television station in Charleston, SC, where he was assigned a variety of projects from political coverage to hurricanes. He has been recognized by the South Carolina Associated Press for a story about the historic 1886...

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An award-winning digital marketer with extensive experience in media, social media, communications and influencer strategies, Tracey has been honored with 16 awards, including seven Emmy Awards, two Edward R. Murrow awards and the Target Gold Award for social media marketing.

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Megan Ross believes successful communication starts with the audience. With almost two decades of experience in four major global markets, Megan knows how to shape your organization’s communications needs into meaningful information that will resonate and drive behaviors.

Former and current clients include healthcare and hospital systems, trade groups, airlines, Asian conglomerates, management consulting businesses, academic institutions, investment banks, product-focused MNCs and numerous nonprofits.

Megan has led multi-national, as well as hyper-local, campaigns resulting in...

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Tori is an award-winning journalist and expert content marketer with more than a decade of experience in compelling storytelling. She believes the goal of every piece of content should be to inform and inspire.

A proud graduate of The University of Georgia, Tori majored in broadcast news and immediately jumped into the news industry only days after graduation. She worked at news stations in markets including Knoxville, Charlotte, and Atlanta, where she produced the top newscast in the entire nation. Her achievements include winning an Emmy and a National Edward R. Murrow...

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A dynamic content creator and fearless storyteller, Aaron is a highly experienced, executive-level strategic communications pro. He specializes in developing relationships, building partnerships, and identifying key value points to fuel storylines that establish clients as trusted sources.

Following a 25-year career as an award-winning broadcast journalist, Aaron served as the University System of Georgia’s Vice Chancellor for Communications. In that role, he was responsible for leadership and coordination of the University System’s integrated marketing,...

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A three-time Emmy Award winning producer with more than a decade of experience, Jessica knows how to deliver impactful content that best represents and showcases her clients.

Jessica worked as a live television news producer for the No. 1 local TV station in the country. While there, she thrived in a fast-paced environment where she managed reporters, photographers, changing news stories, live shots, and whatever else was thrown her way. Jessica describes it as executing a large scale project every day!

She excels at taking...

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Chris Martin is a native North Carolinian who has been in Atlanta for over two decades. He holds an English Major from Wake Forest University and a MBA from GA State University.

Having worked in education, banking, and packaging, Chris’ experience has offered him a broad perspective on the significance of strategic marketing and its role in improving results. With distractions and obstacles facing businesses at every juncture, it is critical to effectively position your company.

Lucie can partner with you and help evaluate all the tools available to meet your marketing...

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Clint Winter, although young in age, is an experienced leader, innovator and visionary, driven by “Innovation of the imagination." He takes pride in his ability to find simple solutions for complex problems. Clint’s ability to communicate effectively has projected him into all areas of society. Clint enjoys telling stories and sharing good news! He is impassioned by innovation and its ability to affect society in positive ways, whether it be his or innovations of others. Clint is incredibly excited to join the Lucie team to help groups share and tell their stories.


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