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Eli Lubell

Eli is a hospitality management student with a keen eye for visual arts, bringing a unique skill set to Lucie. With a background as a national champion gymnast, Eli discovered his talent for diving in high school and quickly rose to success, winning the GHSA State Diving Championship. Continuing his diving journey, Eli joined the D1 diving team at the University of Denver, where he currently pursues his studies.

While athletics have played a significant role in Eli's life, his passions extend beyond sports. An ardent storyteller and visual artist, Eli finds inspiration in photography, collage, makeup, and other artistic mediums. His creative abilities drive his love for creating holistic experiences and connecting with others through artistic expression. Eli brings his vibrant curiosity and desires to create to Lucie, combining his passion for people and knack for visual aesthetics to contribute to the world of content creation.