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15 Video Ideas You Didn't Know Your Company Needed - Part 1

As a business owner, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of things that consume your day, but brainstorming video ideas to enhance your marketing doesn’t have to be one of them! Follow along this three-part series of ‘15 Video Ideas You Didn’t Know Your Company Needed.’ If you’re still not sure where to start after you read this article, contact Lucie Content for help!

1. Behind the Scenes (BTS) Videos

BTS videos have become more and more popular thanks to YouTube. It’s not enough for a viewer to see the final product. They want to see how it came about, who helped, the inspiration behind the idea, and any other details that will help them get a 360 degree view. The idea of a ‘behind the scenes’ look has been used across a variety of mediums. From popular television shows to content creators, giving a viewer a look under the hood connects viewers and potential clients or customers to your company on a more personal level.

2. Meet the Team

‘About Us’ pages are the second most-visited web pages on most business websites (after the services page, of course). And why is that? Because people want to see who their potential service providers are, what they look like, what school they attended, what they’ve achieved, and so forth and so on. Yes, this can be achieved with text but what better way to keep your future client on the page than with an intriguing video?

With a ‘Meet the Team’ video, you’re able to showcase the above points andhighlight a key element that has the potential to win someone over: your personality. Personality in videos can make the difference between a ‘maybe I’ll reach out’ and an ‘absolutely.’

3. FAQ and Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions pages rank really well on Google. They are full of keywords and give your potential customers answers to questions they may not even know they have. But adding a video to that page (and your YouTube channel) can increase your chances of getting new business. YouTube is the second most popular search engine so creating a keyword-heavy video that mirrors your FAQ page puts you at an advantage on the top two search engines in the world. If you’re only utilizing one, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

4. Conference and Event Recap

Does your company have or participate in an annual event? You need to have a videographer on standby to get footage for a recap. Recap videos serve four purposes: one, they show how many people were in attendance. Two, they thank everyone for attending. Three, it creates FOMO (fear of missing out) for those who weren’t there. And four, it serves as an ‘in case you missed it’ which doubles as promo for next year’s event.

Conference and event recap videos can be as professionally filmed as a commercial or as simple as a TikTok or reel. Either way, you need footage of your event, for it does the marketing for you.

5. Product Unboxing

Product unboxing videos are a great way to market your product while also providing a review. In 2021, nearly 70% of shoppers indicated they do research before making a purchase – and an unboxing video is just that. Having this video readily accessible on your website, YouTube, and social media accounts will give users a look under the hood and can help them measure expectations before making a purchase.

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