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15 Video Ideas You Didn't Know Your Company Needed - Part 2

Welcome to part two of ‘15 Video Ideas You Didn’t Know Your Company Needed.’ A mini-series where we provide business owners, content creators, or anyone with a camera with new, fresh video ideas. Our next five video ideas include…

6. Overview of Case Studies

Case Studies are an in-depth study of the effectiveness of a certain tool, tactic, or strategy. They are typically found on business websites and are available for download. However, case studies can take a lot of time to produce; from writing, to designing, uploading to the site, and distributing. And after all that effort, you can only hope that someone will actually download and read it. With a case study overview video, you’re doubling your chances of someone actually downloading and reading this resource you’ve put so much time and energy into. It can also serve as a teaser and can be used on social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

7. Bust Common Myths You’ve Learned In Your Industry

Want to be a thought leader in your industry? Why not start with a myth busting video? Viewers can learn directly from you, all while you put yourself out there as a credible professional. Myths busting videos are a great way to increase your social presence as well as an opportunity to connect with others in your industry. And did we mention they’re easy to do? Simply pick a topic you feel confidently speaking on, and Lucie Content will do the rest.

8. Timelapses

Time truly flies when you’re having fun, and you can capture it all on video. Here at Lucie Content we have a variety of clients across different industries: construction, healthcare, and wealth advisors. Although each is different and special in their own way, one thing they have in common is the effectiveness of a timelapse video.

A new office being built? A timelapse video works great for that! An event recap? Perfect for an ‘in case you missed it,” and so on. These types of videos are also great if you’re on a tight budget because they are efficient to produce. Just pick a cool location, set up the camera, and press record.

9. Customer Testimonials

A customer testimonial is an endorsement from a satisfied customer that vouches for the value of a product or service. Most testimonials are found on Google, Yelp, or the businesses’ website. But add video to the equation, and a testimonial will extend the reach tremendously. Not only can video testimonials be used on social media, but they can serve as ads on YouTube too. And like traditional testimonials, they have the potential to bring in more customers.

10. Office Tours

An office video tour is a way of showing off your new space to customers and clients. After all, after putting so much time and effort into creating a beautiful office space for you and your team, why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Take Lucie Content for example. We just moved into a new, beautiful, fully-equipped studio. And you guessed it! We gave an office tour. And we can shoot one for you too!

But that's just the beginning! For More video ideas or to get help getting started on yours, head over to Lucie Content today!

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