3 Tips for Creating Quality Video Content

Every day, people watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube. If you’re a B2B company, B2C company, or nonprofit, this audience likely includes customers or potential customers. It’s clear you need video content to keep up in the digital age.

Videos can be a great lead generator when they’re used properly on your social media pages and website. But trying to figure out where to start can be intimidating. If everyone is already making video, how can you set your brand apart from the others?

Plus, there are so many different options for videos. Videos can be long or short, optimized for mobile devices or desktop, and streamed live or placed on an OTT platform. Any combination of these options can be very effective if they reach your target audience.

No matter what your final goal is, these three steps can help you deliver quality video content to your audience.

  1. Capture the story. The goal here is not to focus on sales. This may sound counterintuitive, but when you frame a video around a story, it’s going to be much more engaging. Of course, generating sales is always the final goal, but that doesn’t mean you should expect viewers to sit through a boring five minute video of why your company is so great. Show them the heart of the business. Share with them what drives and motivates you and your employees on a daily basis. Explain how your product or process has helped make life easier for someone, but don’t spend time focusing on the product or process. Focus on the people. Telling a story about people through video will always be the most compelling way to connect with your audience.

  2. Be authentic. Sometimes, being authentic means you lose the script. Scripted content is not authentic, and viewers can easily tell the difference. We are all human and want to connect emotionally with other people. Creating authenticity can create that emotional connection to your viewers.

  3. Put the emphasis on your customer. What kind of content would be helpful for your customer or potential customer? What kind of problem is your customer trying to solve? What pain points can your business solve for customers or clients? When you put the customer first, you gain an understanding of why you need to create a video. This can really get your wheels spinning and generate even more content ideas. Putting the emphasis on your customer is also a great way to avoid making the video all about you or your business.

To create quality video content, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Make the first few seconds of your video incredibly engaging. In the world of scrolling, you want to make sure the beginning of your video captures attention so people will keep watching.

  • Make your video make sense without sound. Around 85% of people who watch videos on Facebook watch them with their phones on silent. Add text or visual cues so the meaning of your video is not lost in translation or skipped over.

  • Trust the experts. Yes, almost anyone can create videos with their phones, but when it comes to your business, quality matters. If you’re not a video expert, creating quality, engaging video is very challenging.

That’s where Lucie Content comes in. We are storytelling experts and our mission is to help businesses communicate their stories. We believe every day is a great day to create your news. Contact us today to get started.