3 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

Video marketing increases website traffic, increases the amount of time spent on websites, and helps people understand your product or service better than a text explanation. Videos also increase engagement on social media. With all of those benefits, it’s no surprise that more industries are investing in video marketing.

As video marketing continues to boom, we are starting to notice trends develop. These trends are all driven by a single factor: higher ROI (return on investment).

Let’s discuss three trends that are dominating 2021.

1. More explainer videos. Educational content wins. If you create a video that helps a potential customer solve a problem in their everyday life or teach them something new, you’re creating brand loyalty. If a viewer is watching an explainer video, chances are they are already interested in your product or service. Explaining how your product or service benefits them in a short, engaging video, can turn them into customers much more quickly than your average sales cycle.

Check out this explainer video we created for one of our clients, Tier One. The company builds products to solve complex problems. Explaining the products via video is much more effective than text.

Animated explainer videos are also popular. We produced this animated video to help explain a service for our client, Atadex. Animated videos are a fun way to present a topic that can otherwise be complex or boring (no sugarcoating here).

2. More live video streaming. We’ve said it before - live video marketing is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend when in-person events suddenly stopped. Organizers had to find a new way to safely hold events and still generate business. There are certainly advantages. First, the cost is greatly reduced for participants. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to attend an event in-person, a potential customer can register for a digital event at a reduced cost. There are always risks with live video marketing, but these are lowered when you work with experts like Lucie Content. We produce live summits for one of our clients, Westside Future Fund. The live event is a great opportunity to answer and respond directly to the community. Here is an example of one of their events.

3. More behind-the-scenes videos. Viewers love feeling like they are part of the action. Taking them behind-the-scenes invites them into your business. Behind-the-scenes videos are often authentic, which builds trust and connection with the audience. This type of video works really well for B2C companies, but it also resonates with B2B companies. Millennials are consuming more and more video, and believe it or not, millennials are now in charge of business decisions. Videos lead directly to buying decisions.

Video creates a connection with your audience that you cannot achieve with text alone. It’s not just a trend. Video marketing is accelerating and it’s benefitting all types of businesses. Are you ready to see the results for your business? Contact the experts at Lucie Content today.