4 Guidelines to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

A video marketing strategy is more than just posting random content on YouTube and TikTok. A video marketing strategy should align with your overall business goals. After all, if you’re investing in video content, you should maximize your return on investment. Video is often more expensive than written content, but it’s more engaging and often delivers greater results.

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So if you’re already posting videos, but you want to be more strategic with them, what are your next steps? Follow these four guidelines to improve your video marketing strategy.

1. Know your ‘why’ behind creating videos. Don’t just produce videos for the sake of it. Videos should have purpose and add value to both the viewers watching and to your business. Develop a purpose behind each video. Better yet, develop a plan before you start creating videos so you know where you are headed. Focus your videos on a problem your company can solve, answer the questions that the sales department is asked frequently, or show how your product or service works.

2. Check out what your competitors are doing. Then do something different. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so don’t flatter your competition. Plus, you don’t want to try to compete in an oversaturated market. If your industry is already full of other companies creating videos, look for gaps. Is there a different way to introduce your products or team? Is there a different way to highlight the story behind your products? Create content that viewers will remember.

3. Know that a strategy is more than just one video. One well-produced, quality video is a great start, but it’s not enough. Even the company story video can be broken down into different segments so you don’t try to cram everything into one long video that may lose viewers’ interest. To round out your video marketing strategy, consider creating a series of videos on one or more topics, instead of long videos focusing only on one topic.

4. Plan your distribution method. We love creating videos because you can use them in so many places. YouTube is a great option because it's the second most popular search engine after Google. But there are other places to use videos, too. Add them to newsletters, emails, your website, blogs, and share them on social media. Distribute your videos, put them to work, then check in on the metrics you want to measure to see how well they’re performing.

Like any other business asset, you want the money you invest in video marketing to pay off. Trust the experts like Lucie Content when it comes to content creations, strategy, and distribution. Our goal is to help you #createyournews, so you can grow your business.

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