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Video marketing can help enhance your nonprofit’s brand, strengthen credibility, and drive meaningful support resulting in more conversions. Conversions for nonprofits can range from signing a petition, to sharing fundraising pages, and of course donating. It is hard enough to get someone to donate in today’s society, between inflation and debt being on the rise, you’ll need a compelling video to convince viewers to help. But no fear, storytelling experts Lucie Content are here with four video marketing ideas to help your nonprofit shine and generate results.


There are over 1.5 million nonprofits in America alone, ranging from a variety of causes like community wellness to veteran organizations. So how do you get yours to stand out? By having a professionally produced and heart-touching company story. Your company story should include:

  • Why you chose this specific cause

  • What motivates you to get out of bed every morning to do what you love

  • How far your organization has come

  • How your company has had an impact on the community so far

  • Plans for the future

Yes, this can be achieved with simple text. But videos, especially in the nonprofit world, can make a huge difference and motivate people to not only listen to your story but to care, too. And studies show that once someone cares, they are more inclined to support and rally up their friends to support as well.


Before people donate, follow a cause, or even provide their email address, they typically want to see how their potential conversion will make a difference, and that’s where video case studies come in. Case study videos are an in-depth study of the effectiveness of a certain tool, tactic, or strategy. Although case studies are traditionally written and prepared for download, a video case study takes things to another next level and can help your nonprofit standout from others.

When doing a case study video the sky's the limit. You can focus on the group of individuals you’ve helped, a specific family, or even the story of one person in particular. With a case study overview video, you’re doubling your chances of someone actually moving along the user’s journey and completing the conversion. Along with a case study video you can focus on a specific campaign, and explain in detail how donations made a huge impact and why the viewer’s generosity can make a difference in the next person’s life.


Like traditional testimonials, video testimonials have the potential to bring in more donors, sponsors, and supporters of your nonprofit. However, they are even more effective because they come straight from the horse’s mouth. Oftentimes people forget to ask for a testimonial after work has been completed. If this is you, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Those that are satisfied with the help they’ve received would typically love to help those that helped them. So be proactive and take a mental note (or set a calendar reminder) to get testimonials from those you’ve impacted as soon as possible. The details will be fresher and they’ll probably still be on a high from your helpful efforts. A few questions you can ask during the testimonial interview include:

  • How has our organization positively impacted your life?

  • Did you know about our organization prior to receiving help?

  • What made you the happiest when working with our organization?

  • What surprised you the most about our organization?

  • What’s something you’d want others to know about our organization?


Fundraising videos are a great way to generate donations and to tell viewers how their gift can help you reach your goal. When creating a fundraising video you’ll want to keep two things in mind: your elevator pitch and call to action.

The goal is to convince viewers to donate. In order to do this, you’ll need to keep them interested with an intriguing video. Go ahead and map out your elevator pitch in advance and make sure it’s easy to understand.

You’ll also want to make sure the video isn’t too long. Although there are probably tons of details you’d like to share, keep in mind that people’s attention spans are short. So in this case, highlights are more effective than long drawn-out stories (but don’t worry, you can always create follow-up videos to include more specifics).

Although we want the video to be compelling and to pull at the heartstrings, we can’t forget another important factor: encouraging people to donate. Therefore, having a clearly stated call to action that provides options is vital and can make a huge difference in your campaign efforts. And without one, you leave people confused on how to help and they very well may not, due to that confusion.

If you have, or work for a nonprofit, and need help producing a video contact Lucie Content today! We are an Emmy-winning video production company and have experience producing a variety of videos and live streams for nonprofits, and would love to help bring your vision to life.

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