5 Ideas for Brand Videos

Brand videos are an effective way to spotlight your company by focusing less on products and services and more on storytelling. At Lucie, our goal is to help companies create their news. Brand videos are a great way to get attention on your mission and your story.

The story behind companies is becoming more important than ever before. 72% of millennials feel it’s important to buy from businesses that reflect their own values. If you’re creating content that’s pushing your products constantly, and not taking time to tell your story, you could be losing potential clients, customers, and even future employees.

So how do you hook someone into wanting to know more about your company? We believe the best way to tell stories is with short, authentic, compelling videos.

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What is a brand video?

A brand video is not an ad. The primary goal of a brand video is to tell a story about your company so you can create a relationship with your audience. Brand videos humanize your brand through thoughtful, compelling storytelling.

Brand videos should eventually lead to sales, but they will not necessarily highlight your products or services. Instead, they spotlight YOU. You are much more relatable, trustworthy, and engaging than your product.

5 ideas for brand videos

If you’re ready to create your next brand video, here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Share your company history - Giving your audience a glimpse at who you are, why you created your company, and how you got started creates an immediate connection. Plus, no one knows your story better than you!

  2. Share your client’s story - Most businesses are successful because they meet a need for consumers or other companies. Hopefully, your business has made an impact that your customers and clients want to share! Getting customers to talk about their experience with your product or service in a brand video can easily influence others to become a customer as well. Testimonials are powerful!

  3. Share your values, mission, and goals - Your values, mission, and goals are more relatable than any other part of your business. They will also likely elicit an emotional response from your audience - which is a key part of compelling storytelling.

  4. Share stories that elicit emotion - Similar to the point above, heartwarming and inspiring stories can elicit positive responses from your audience. How has your product helped people? Sharing personal stories works really well when the focus is on creating connections through emotions.

  5. Share stories that educate - Brand videos can also educate your audience about a topic. To help educate about your company, create videos that have fun graphics explaining your product or service. You can also use your employees to talk about the benefits and value it adds to other people’s lives.

Are you ready to get started with your brand video? The team at Lucie Content has the expertise to put your business in the spotlight. Let’s work together to create your news! Contact us to get started today.