5 Industries Investing in Video Marketing

Video tells stories, creates a personal connection, and is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Industries are starting to figure out how to use videos in their marketing plan, and as a result, video marketing is surging.

Here’s a look at five industries where video is booming:

  1. Healthcare - The healthcare industry went through a huge transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Video has been a trustworthy platform to get their message out. One of our clients, Pruitt Health, has kept families informed on the latest COVID-19 information and protocols through video, while also celebrating the healthcare workers who are keeping everyone safe and the milestones achieved over the last years. Videos like this one showing a touching mother and daughter reunion give a human aspect to the industry. Besides updates on the pandemic, patients are asking for more transparency, education, and instruction in the healthcare industry - which can all be delivered through video.

  2. Finance - The financial industry often faces challenges like trust. Money is a sensitive topic and discussing how to handle it can be complicated and intimidating. Video allows financial institutions to show authenticity and transparency. Behind-the-scenes or “about us” videos give a glimpse into company culture and can help put clients at ease. Regent Peak, a wealth management firm, uses video in a personable way by highlighting its employees. Videos like this one posted on LinkedIn help break down barriers and build trust. If you’re in the financial industry, jump on using video now! It’s still underutilized and can put you ahead of many competitors.

  3. Nonprofits - Great storytelling is essential for nonprofits. Nonprofits are often doing really cool things to help their communities solve problems, promote engagement, and drive growth. Promoting the stories and the “why” behind a nonprofit organization helps educate and inspire supporters, donors, and others who want to get involved. Check out how this video on Atlanta Fire and Rescue's Cadet Program encourages community engagement.

  4. Ecommerce - Consumer behavior is changing and online shopping is only going to become more popular. There’s one big problem with online shopping though: You don’t always get the full picture of the product. Using video to represent ecommerce products increases the likelihood that the consumer will make a purchase. Introduce your product, show how it works, and explain the problems it solves. Video is also an opportunity for ecommerce businesses to show the story behind their brand. Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to let potential customers see how you operate and why they should do business with you. Encour uses testimonial videos to boost its ecommerce presence.

  5. Real estate - The real estate market is hot right now. While there are probably families willing to spend days driving all over a city to find a house, creating videos is a much easier way to show properties. But don’t just focus on the properties. Use video to highlight agents who are working hard to get that next listing. Video can also help educate buyers. There is so much information that can be simplified with video - from market trends to explainer videos on topics like getting a mortgage. Any way to expand buyers’ knowledge of the real estate landscape is helpful.

We believe every industry can benefit from the power of video. It’s time to craft your video marketing strategy. Contact us to get started and create your news!