5 Reasons Digital Marketing is Key in 2021

Is your business ready for 2021?

Digital marketing can set your business up to grow and thrive. COVID-19 changed the way people operate. Now more than ever, customers and clients want to hear from you. Digital marketing is the best way for your business to communicate and control your message.

Here are five reasons why digital marketing is key to your business in 2021:

  1. Preferences are changing - Is your website up to speed? Is it easy for users to find what they need? Is it optimized for mobile? The average time spent on a website Google is 15 seconds. Google says 90% of people leave a mobile site if it doesn’t meet their standards. Customer preferences are changing, and if your business isn’t ready to adjust, you could be losing out on potential and returning customers.
  2. Interactive and helpful content builds trust - Videos, blogs, and other content on your website and social media pages can help build immediate trust. Creating content that answers frequently asked questions and educates about confusing topics will generate more leads.
  3. Google changed its algorithm… again - Keyword stuffing is out and high quality content is in. More than 20 years ago, Bill Gates wrote, “Content is king.” That’s even more true today. The latest Google algorithm change prioritizes user-friendly content. Plus, voice searches are becoming even more common. ComScore predicts that half of all smartphone users engaged voice search technology in 2020, and that number will only increase.
  4. Visibility is important - It’s hard to find customers in an empty room. Visibility is important, and visibility in the right places is even more important. Digital marketing can help you reach your customers where they are -- most likely online and on social media. Creating visibility also gives you the opportunity to promote what’s important to you and create your own news.
  5. Results shape strategy - Results from digital marketing campaigns can help shape your business strategy. Just like digital marketing can help reach the right audience in the right place, it can also help discover and refine your potential target.

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