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7 Types of Videos to Create Right Now

At Lucie Content, we love video because of the way it can grab your attention, tell a story, and create an emotional connection.

Video is a great way to engage your audience, but there are so many options it can be difficult to know where to start. We’re breaking down seven types of videos to add to your digital marketing strategy right now.

  1. Brand videos - Brand videos give an overview of your business and help define your goals and mission. Brand videos should draw some type of emotion. The goal should be to inspire, motivate, and leave an impression. A brand video could be the first time a potential customer is interacting with your company, so you want it to make a positive impression. At the end of the video, the audience should want to know more about your business. Check out this brand video we created for Atadex that focuses on the company story.

  2. Instructional or explainer videos - Instructional or explainer videos should answer three questions: What problem is the customer facing? How can your service or product fix that problem? What makes your product or service different? Instructional or explainer videos are becoming much more popular because so many people are searching for solutions before they buy a product. Videos are a quick and efficient way to answer the problem. When you offer solutions, you’re building trust and you’re one step closer to turning a prospect into a customer. Businesses can post instructional/explainer videos on social media, send them in an email, or use them to boost SEO. You can also use them for internal use within your company to explain processes or software. We produced an explainer video for ScrubHub highlighting its "Clean Car Guarantee."

  3. Virtual tours - Virtual tours really picked up steam during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual tour videos can take you to a location without actually going there. Now, this convenience has almost become an expectation. Take a look at one of the virtual tours we created for Starling Living to give potential residents a look at the property.

  4. Behind the scenes - Behind-the-scenes videos give a glimpse into something that makes your business unique. Do you have a warehouse? Show how your team works to deliver packages with care and on time. Do you have a fun office atmosphere or fun Zoom meetings? Highlight the processes or employees that make your business run. The goal is to show a prospective customer why you are different and why they should do business with you. Behind-the-scenes videos can build trust and build brand identity.

  5. Testimonials - Word-of-mouth marketing can be a very effective type of marketing. A testimonial turns a word-of-mouth reference into video. Showing past and current customers who are happy with your business is better than you talking about your own company. Testimonials build credibility as long as they are honest and authentic. You don’t want this to feel forced, so really think about your customers who would be a good fit to give a testimonial. One of our clients, Encour!, uses testimonials to highlight the benefits of its product.

  6. Live video - Live video adds a feeling of excitement and energy. Use a short live video to engage an audience or a longer live video to really present more information about your business and dig into questions and answers. The key to successful live videos is planning. You want to make sure you have the right technology and you know how to use it well. Make sure you promote your live video, too! We produce live summits for a nonprofit, Westside Future Fund, that include touching stories from the community.

  7. Video podcasts - Video podcasts are another option that have picked up steam during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t think of video podcasts as just a video version of an audio podcast. They can be updates from stakeholders or department heads about your company. Video podcasts can also be used as an internal tool to keep employees updated and engaged during remote work. Here is an example from law firm Taylor English.

Any of these videos can be shared on multiple platforms, like emails, websites, and social media. They can be valuable parts of your digital marketing plan for years.

To get started on creating videos, trust the experts at Lucie Content. Videos are the perfect way to create your news!