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Congrats to our Telly Winning Team!.jpg

Congrats to our Telly Winning Team!

The Telly Awards is an annual international competition that honors excellence in video and television across various platforms. It recognizes outstanding work in television commercials, programs, branded content, video production, and online videos.

Entries for the Telly Awards are judged by a panel of industry professionals, including directors, producers, and creative professionals from renowned production companies, television networks, and advertising agencies. The judges evaluate entries based on their overall production quality, creativity, and effectiveness in delivering the intended message.

This year, Lucie Content won four Telly Awards: two golds, one silver, and one bronze! Check out our award winning videos below!

Gold Win #1: World Peace Revival - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Statue

Category: Non-broadcast General - Arts & Cultural

Two Georgia artists created a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the video produced for our client, World Peace Revival, the artists explain the inspiration behind every statue detail.

Gold Win #2: Lucie Series - The Very Airy Library

Category: Non-broadcast General - Educational Institution

Imagine a library that contains every book ever written. Now, imagine that library is inside a tree — a tree that can fly. This is the world Stan Tucker and twin brothers Matthew and Jared Young have created.

Silver Win: Lucie Series - American Woman: A Love Letter

Category: Non-broadcast General - Museums & Galleries

John Glover is a self-taught artist from Augusta, Georgia. His latest series, “Love Letter to the American Woman,” focuses on how he saw his mother when he was a child.

Bronze Win: Lucie Series - Art of Nature Exhibition

Category: Non-broadcast General - Nature/Wildlife

The Blue Heron Nature Preserve's mission is to create a personal experience with nature through conservation, education, and the arts. One program that helped to achieve that goal was The Art of Nature: Light as a Feather.

Winning a Telly Award signifies recognition and distinction for the work and talent involved in the creation of outstanding video content. It serves as a testament to the creativity, production quality, and storytelling abilities of our creative team, and we are so proud to call them colleagues.

If you’re interested in working with our award winning team on your next video project, marketing campaign, or podcast, contact Lucie Content today!

Everyone has a story. Lucie Content is an Atlanta production company focused on building strong relationships and collaborating with our clients to implement proven strategies that allow stories to break through the noise. Our life’s work is to shine a light on simple truths and key value points to build stories that matter most to you and are just waiting to be told. Our production studio in Atlanta is now open. Book now!

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