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Create Your News Is Now Trademarked!

We’re starting 2023 with some exciting news: our motto ‘Create Your News™’ has officially been trademarked (hence the ™)! Learn why we decided to trademark ‘Create Your News ™, the benefits of having a trademark, frequently asked questions, and more below!

Why ‘Create Your News™’?

There is so much good in this world but unfortunately we don’t see much of it in the national media. So after almost two decades in the news business, Lucie Content CEO Craig Lucie decided to use his background to help businesses, non-profits and individuals follow this motto: ‘Create Your News™’

Lucie Content was born from the idea to shine a light on the positive things happening in our world and to share compelling stories that resonate with audiences. With the help of his team, Craig took the newsroom model where great stories are identified and created, then leveraged it for a strategic distribution.

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‘Create Your News™’ Has Officially Been Trademarked!

Our Process to Trademarking Our Motto

We began the process to trademark our motto in 2021. First, we contacted a trademark attorney. Then, we spent months gathering documentation to show how we use ‘Create Your News’ to provide the best service for our clients.

In 2019, just after Lucie Content was founded, we turned ‘Create Your News’ into a hashtag for all of our social media posts (#createyournews). Shortly after, we added it to our website, our YouTube channel, our emails, and even videos that we created for our Lucie Series.

What is a Trademark?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

Benefits of Having a Trademark

This form of intellectual property protection prevents others from using the words and symbols that represent your brand. Your brand is your public image by which you will be known and build a reputation. The goodwill that is created through a brand is one of the most important assets in your business.

Your trademark appears in searches - A company has to do a trademark search using the US Patent and Trademark Office database. Anyone can see the names through this database so your name will also appear through this search. Companies cannot claim ignorance of your trademark search.

Trademark registration provides exclusive rights to the registered owner to prevent third parties from marketing identical or similar products or services under an identical or confusingly similar trademark.

A registered trademark can be used to obtain funding from financial institutions.


Resources on how-to easily register a trademark:

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