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Get Viewers to Watch Your Video Longer

At Lucie, we want to showcase your story and to tell it in the most impactful way. One of the main tools we use to do that is compelling video content. But, as our culture’s appetite for this type of content grows, it seems as though audiences’ attention spans have shrunk considerably.

Social media is the most top-of-the-mind place to find countless examples of shorter attention spans. Viewers want information to be fast, entertaining, and before they can fully process what they have consumed, their hungry eyes are ready to move onto the next ten second video and the next and the next.

So, how do you stand out? This is where our expertise and background are game changers. We can help you create strong, captivating videos that will not only explain your message but will resonate with an audience so much so that they will want to stop the endless scroll.

Here is the breakdown of the Lucie process:

1. Start with the best

What is at the heart of your business, nonprofit, or team? If you could tell people just one thing about your organization, what would it be? We want to start with that. It is the most important thing, after all. In journalism, we call it the lead. And the number one rule in journalism is: “do not bury your lead.” As in, do not put the most significant fact hidden down amongst all the other supporting elements. You want that fact to shine. And in doing so, it acts as a guiding light to the rest of your story.

The same idea pertains to the actual footage that audiences will see at the beginning of the piece. If we have exciting shots that highlight your organization in the most meaningful way, we want to start with those, not save them. Your lead, both in the informational and the video element contexts, should draw your audience in while also enticing them to keep watching.

For social video, we call a “lead” “the hook”. The hook’s purpose is to “Stop the scroll”. We have to find a way to interrupt that need for the next piece of content. Sometimes this means using an enticing cover photo for your video or even an interesting sound to catch viewers’ attention.

When using an enticing cover photo you can choose to use a visually exciting image or a title that makes a person think. One great strategy is to title your video using a question. Writing about the latest movie on the big screen? Instead of “My review of movie X,” try something like “Why haven't you seen movie X yet?”

2. Make it relatable

You want to connect with your audience. You want them to have an emotional reaction to what you are telling them, to relate to what they are seeing, and to want more after the video ends. This often means telling the story through someone’s point of view. It could be you or someone your mission has touched or will impact in the future. We want to bring that human element to your piece.

3. Fill in the blanks

It is now time for what you could call the meat and potatoes of your content. This is where you get more into the who, what, when, where, and why of your video. It is the part that explains everything you hit your viewers with at the beginning of the piece. Here is when your viewers can take a breath, lean into more of the information heavy elements of what you have to say, and start to process what they have heard. It gives them a change in pace that will make what you are about to hit them with next even more impactful.

4. End on a high

There is a reason why a fireworks show has a finale. You want the audience to walk away with a lasting impression. The same idea applies to producing strong video content.

Now, this step could easily be confusing because we just told you a few short paragraphs ago to give away your most important information at the start of your video. Which is still true. Stay with us.

As you wrap up, keep in mind that the ending should be more like coming full circle in your story. Come back to the lead and expand on it. Or, is there something else that could resonate with your viewers? You want to leave your audience with a nugget of information that is a close second to that first big idea and has enough punch to inspire another emotional reaction.

We are looking for that same feeling from when you leave the theater or turn off your streaming device after seeing a really good ending to a movie. The ending to the movie is not as great as the twists and turns that drew you into the storyline, but it is like the bow on top of the present.

Just like that fireworks finale, this last emotional jolt will help your audience to remember you longer, to want to know more, and encourage them to want to engage with you in the future. This is called a “CTA” or “Call to Action.” “Like and follow for more,” “Check the link in my bio,” or “Let me know what you think in the comments” are great examples of CTA’s and a really good example of a way to end any type of promotional video.

That is it! You are now equipped with a better understanding of our creative thought process as we produce the strongest video possible for your business, nonprofit, or team. You could easily feel overwhelmed stepping out into the internet world to compete with all the noise that is out there. However, we at Lucie know your story is one worth telling. We look forward to helping you share it in a way that will make it unforgettable.

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