How To Create Your News

What’s your business story?

Whether it’s the motivation behind your company, the way you treat your employees, or why you always want to deliver the best results for customers, you have a story. Your story is the heart of your business. It’s a reflection of your values and your personality. Your story communicates what’s most important to you.

Do people see this story when they visit your website or social media pages? You can decide the story you want to tell. You can decide how you want others to view your business. You can drive the conversation.

Follow these five steps to tell your own story and Create your news.

  1. Create your online identity - Your online presence, including your website and social media, say the most about your business. Your website should show your business personality - whether it’s playful or professional. This is how you communicate your product to potential clients and customers. The same goes for social media. You get to decide how people should feel about your products. Creating an online identity isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity to reach customers where they spend most of their time (on their phones and computers).

  2. Push out a webinar or class - What do you want people to know about your business? Use your expertise to create a webinar or online class. You get the opportunity to share your knowledge and share your business.

  3. Start a blog - A blog isn’t just a rambling post of your thoughts. Writing about specific topics that are relevant to your business will help you establish credibility. If you choose the right keywords and content, you can also rank on Google and search engines for topics that are important to you. This can be a huge driver for lead generation.

  4. Invest in paid marketing - Admittedly, sometimes it can take a while to rank for topics on your blog (although when you get there, the payoff can be huge). While you are building up your content, consider investing in ads on Google or social media platforms. Ads can quickly get your business to the top of search pages. They’re also a great option to reach very targeted and specific audiences. Plus, they typically result in a quick ROI.

  5. Monitor your brand - There is no point in creating your own news if you don’t monitor the results. One of the benefits of digital marketing is the ability to see the results of a campaign instantly. When you know what’s working and what’s not working, it can give your business a clearer direction. Analytics are a key part to your story.

By creating your own news, you create your own brand identity -- and that increases trust, which increases business. What do you want people to say about you? Lucie Content can help you craft your message and Create your news.

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