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How to Find the Perfect Production Studio in Atlanta, GA

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of video production studios in Atlanta, GA. Some are large enough to film movies while others are more intimate and great for smaller projects. With so many options available, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. But no fear, your neighborhood video production experts are here with three tips for finding the perfect studio rental in Atlanta, GA.

Tip #1: Make Sure You’re Working With Experts

When looking for a video production studio in Atlanta, GA you want to ensure that the owners are credible, seasoned professionals. There are a number of websites that offer studio rental services and it’s easy to overlook what makes one legit. When browsing different sites, be sure to keep an eye out for the following:

  • The Team Page: The team page gives potential renters a glimpse into the company and puts a face to the name. This is an opportunity for those you will be working with to highlight their professional backgrounds and list any notable mentions they’ve experienced in the industry.

  • Number of Rentals: We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘practice makes perfect’ and it applies to video production studios as well. The number of studio rentals a production company has under their belt is a huge indicator when determining if they’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry.

  • Testimonials: Often referred to as reviews, testimonials are statements from previous clients discussing the services they’ve received. There’s typically two reasons why someone leaves a review: they either really enjoyed the experience or they really didn’t. Either way, getting feedback from a previous client can make a huge difference in deciding whether you want to rent that studio space or not.

Tip #2: Transparency is Key

Long gone are the days of filling out a form and waiting for a representative to call. In today’s society, shoppers, customers, and in this case potential renters, want their questions answered before they can even think to ask them. And this can be achieved through a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

An FAQ page is intended to address the most common questions customers have and is useful through all stages of their journey. Lucie Content has a studio rental frequently asked questions page that details our process in an easy-to-digest fashion. We discuss everything from what you can shoot at our studio, touring the space, equipment rentals, and more.

This kind of transparency shows that the studio you're considering has nothing to hide! And that they take pride in being transparent about their process.

Tip #3:; A One Stop Shop

When searching for the perfect studio rental, you want to make sure it comes with everything you’re looking for. Here at Lucie Content we consider ourselves a ‘one stop shop,’ meaning we have everything a traveling or local renter would want and need.

Our 1,200 square foot studio located on Atlanta’s Westside features all of the equipment needed to create compelling content. Here at 1379 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30318 we have a 13-foot cyc wall (that doubles as a green screen), professional lighting, audio equipment, edit bays, and more. We built the studio with all kinds of potential renters in mind, from those needing an extra set of hands to those needing a full team. To keep it simple, we’re here to help.

Now What?

It’s simple! If you’re interested in renting our studio space, would like to take a tour, or just looking to pick our brains, contact us today!

Everyone has a story. Lucie Content is an Atlanta production company focused on building strong relationships and collaborating with our clients to implement proven strategies that allow stories to break through the noise. Our life’s work is to shine a light on simple truths and key value points to build stories that matter most to you and are just waiting to be told. Our production studio in Atlanta is now open. Book now!

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