Plan for 2022: Here's A Year Worth of Content Ideas

As content creators, we understand how daunting it can seem to continuously come up with new ideas. To jump start 2022, we came up with content ideas for each month of the year.

These topics can work as social media posts, blogs content, videos, podcasts, or all of the above. They may even generate more ideas for your business!

A year’s worth of content ideas to jumpstart your 2022


  • New Year: Share a company goal. As everyone shares New Year’s Resolutions, share one of your own goals for your business.

  • Remind people how your company got started. January is a fresh start. Take your audience back to the beginning to remind them of the reason your business exists.

  • Share your highlights from the previous year. Take a minute to reflect on the previous year and share the best moments.


  • Highlight one of your best employees. Showing off your team is great for new and existing business, but it’s also a great motivator for your employees and a recruiting tool for new hires.

  • Pick a theme or topic for the month. For example, if part of your company mission is “Focus,” generate a series of posts or a video that shares that theme and why it’s important.

  • Celebrate Black History Month by sharing your story as a Black-owned business or by interviewing a business partner or client.


  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions. New and potential customers most likely have questions about your product or service. Make it easy for them and answer some FAQs.

  • Explain how your product or service works. An explainer video is a quick and effective method to communicate how your product or service can improve lives.

  • Women’s History Month. Celebrate the women on your team or focus on an historical figure whose work made a profound impact on how your business operates today.


  • Share your expert opinion on industry news. Show off your expertise by adding your opinion to current events happening in your industry.

  • Let people interview you. Turn the tables and let people ask you or someone on your team questions. This is a great opportunity to go live on social media or to host a webinar.

  • Celebrate Earth Day by focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives. How are you energy efficient? Share it with a graphic!


  • Share facts about your company. As a recruitment and sales tool, share what you really want people to know about your company.

  • Share fun facts related to your business or industry. You know your industry! Share some interesting details that most people don’t know.

  • Mother’s Day. Thank all of the moms who work on your team or thank your own mom who inspired your business journey. The more personal, the better!


  • Share a top motivational story or motivational quote. What’s something that inspires you? Chances are it will motivate others as well!

  • Tap into a trend. What’s popular right now? Use that to your advantage and put your own spin on it! Whether it’s a social media challenge or a song, get a little creative.

  • Father’s Day. Share memories with your dads from years past or thank all of the dads on your team.


  • Case study: Highlight how your team worked to solve problems for your customers.

  • Problem solving. Explain how your product or service solves a problem that your customer base experiences frequently.

  • Share your expertise. If you’re speaking on a webinar, podcast, or hosting a live event, share it on social media. Showcase yourself as the expert.


  • Produce testimonials. No one sells your business better than happy clients! Produce testimonials so they can share their experience and successes.

  • Share a hard lesson learned. Chances are the business experienced some bumps along the way. Be authentic and share these in a video or social post.

  • Give a sneak peek. Do you have a new product or service coming out soon? Release a sneak peek to drum up some excitement.


  • Tell a personal story - business-related or not. In an effort to be more human, share a story that made a difference to you.

  • Give a shout out to your clients. This is a win-win. Your clients will appreciate the mention and potential clients will be intrigued.

  • Labor Day. Take the time to thank those who labor for you - your employees.


  • Give a behind the scenes tour. Whether it’s just of the office or a really cool space like a studio, take your audience behind the curtain and show them what an average day is like.

  • Let an employee take over on social media. Choose wisely, but this is another way to give a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

  • Support your local community. Do you have clients that are local? Do you hold regular meetings a favorite restaurant? Give the local community some love by sharing some of your favorite places.


  • Go live! Host a webinar or go live on social media. You can reuse the content in future posts.

  • Give on Giving Tuesday. Show your support for a nonprofit organization or charity.

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving. Share what you are thankful for, but make it meaningful.


  • Produce a year-ender. Whether through a video or a series of pictures, highlight your biggest accomplishments and favorite moments from throughout the year.

  • Share a list of your favorite products or resources. Chances are someone else will benefit from this as well!

  • Time for Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations. Give a glimpse at how you’re celebrating with work, family or friends.

If you’re ready to plan for 2022, contact the Lucie Team. Our team of experts can help you create compelling content that captures attention and spotlights your company. Our mission is to help you Create Your News - to tell your story and all of the positive stories of your business.