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Recent Changes to Instagram That Content Creators Need to Know About

As your resident content expert, Lucie Content keeps up with changes to social media so you don't have to. More than 1.3 million users are logged in and active on Instagram at any given time. That said, a significant portion of the users on social media are known as influencers or content creators and rely on Instagram to continue to grow their businesses.

Use of Music On Your Feed

Whenever you post a video to your Instagram as a part of a post, you've got to edit it in, but that might be over with the latest Instagram update allowing you to add music to your feed. Now when you're posting on the social media platform, you can add a maximum of 90 seconds of music to the posts.

Instagram has added this feature because they understand the power of music and how significant it is for people looking to express themselves. Therefore, they're providing content creators and traditional users the ability to add music to things like their Instagram reels and stories.

Remember, although you can now add music in these two areas, the social media platform doesn't support music on stagnant posts. This means posting a picture or a carousel of images won't allow you to add music to them.

When you're adding music to the reels and stories, you'll do so right before you share the post. When you go to share it, click the "add music" button and search for the song or artist you're looking for.

When you find them, all you've got to click is add, and it will be added to your post. After this is done, choose the part of the song you want to use and add upwards of 90 seconds to your post.

Once you've added it, press post, and then your post will share with the music you've added.

Ability to Add Multiple Links in Bio

As of right now, you've only been able to add one link to your profile's bio. The social media platform has been testing and determining if it can increase the number of links users can add to their bios.

For content creators, this is especially helpful because it makes it easier for them to share all the links to the various platforms they are on with their followers. While it hasn't been fully rolled out yet, you might have noticed that some content creators have already begun to implement it.

When you look in their bio, it will look like: "link+3," however, many links they have will reflect after the plus, and it will become clickable for users to click and review the links present.

After clicking on the links, it will present users with a list that they can choose from, and it will take them to the link that has been chosen. Currently, no one knows when the feature will be launched 100% or how many links will be able to be inserted into the bio, but it has been in the works for quite some time and is a huge step forward for Instagram.

Primarily since it's not known to be a platform made for multiple links.

Instant Replay, No Repost

One of the most popular features on Twitter is the ability to repost or share tweets from those you're following, whether friends, family, or other influencers. The newest Instagram feature you can expect is the ability to begin reposting posts that come across your feed regularly.

This is crucial for content creators because the more shareable your content, the higher the engagement. The purpose of creating content is to have it seen by as many people as possible.

Part of this is to make the content easier to share, which is the aim of the new repost feature Instagram is working on. They are looking to utilize reposting in more ways than just on your Instagram stories.

Instagram is also working towards creating a separate tab where you can find all the posts you've reshared without conflicting with your main feed.

Say Goodbye to the Shopping Tab

One of the newest feeds is the shopping tab, but just as quickly as it appeared, it will begin to be phased out by the algorithm on Instagram. The platform is phasing out the shopping tab so it can begin to focus on increasing revenue and different ways to generate it.

The shop feature was introduced as a side effect of the pandemic and joining the league of other companies that were making it easier to shop online.

While the platform hasn't completely seen success with its shopping tab, it will not be the main focus moving forward. Instead of having a designated shopping page, it will become the "tab lite" page.

It will be less personalized than the current page, but it will still provide the same insight and information that users are looking for.

Instagram: Optimizing Social Media for Content Creators

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms content creators use, and it's making several changes in the upcoming year. Things like removing the shopping tab and making reposting posts a new feature.

What will you create with these new features?

If you need help creating a social media strategy or your business’ next great piece of content, contact Lucie Content and let us help light up your feed.

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