Social Media Marketing in 2021 (Pros and Cons)

Social media in 2021: Is it a “necessary evil” or a tool for business growth? It all depends on your perspective.

We view social media as a great opportunity to reach your audience. Half of the entire world is on some form of social media. With an audience that large, it’s the best way to communicate your brand and your business to the most people. The amount of users on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is in the billions.

But we admit, there are some drawbacks to social media marketing. In most cases, the advantages and opportunities of social media outweigh the disadvantages.

Here’s a look at three pros to social media marketing:

  • You can target your audience. It doesn’t matter if your business is B2B, a nonprofit, or B2C. The audience you want to reach is on social media. Social platforms have the ability to target very specific portions of a designated audience so you can make sure your message gets in front of the intended group.

  • There are minimal costs. It’s free to sign up and start a page for most social platforms. Aside from ads, the cost for social media is minimal. It’s especially small compared to the big budgets spent on traditional marketing efforts like TV and print ads.

  • You have direct communication. Social media creates a direct line to clients and customers. When a business has a social media presence, it increases brand awareness and online reputation. It can also build relationships with potential clients.

Here’s a look at three cons to social media marketing:

  • There can be a slow return on investment. Social media rarely has an immediate return on investment. It takes time and engagement to build an online community and online presence. However, the return on investment is eventually worth it once social media platforms are generating leads.

  • You risk negative feedback. Putting your business on social media makes you vulnerable. You may get a negative review. But there is a way to turn negative feedback into positive change. Ask how you can improve and provide an authentic apology. In instances like this, try to respond as quickly as possible. Timeliness is key.

  • Content creation takes time. Building social media content is time consuming. It often takes a dedicated team to create content, answer questions and comments on various platforms, and run any social ads. This is time well spent, but it may require additional employees or team members.

Overall, social media is essential to building brand loyalty and engagement in a digital-driven world. It’s important to get your social media presence right to generate new leads.

If you’re on the fence about utilizing social media or don’t have the time to focus on content creation, contact the experts at Lucie Content. Our team has the knowledge and experience to drive results through social media marketing.