Tips for Creating 'Day in the Life' Videos

His alarm goes off between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. It’s a long journey downstairs, as his parents help him move into a specially designed chair. After breakfast, it’s straight to work. Then several days a week, he focuses on training in the afternoon.

Kevin Enners’ day is so familiar yet so different from most of ours. Our alarm clocks go off, we go to work. But Kevin faces additional challenges. His trip to the kitchen is longer than most. His training is more challenging than most. But he tackles the day with an amazingly positive attitude. Watching a day in Kevin’s life is sure to motivate you to think about your day a little differently.

That’s the power of a well-produced day in the life video.

What is a day in the life video?

A day in the life video gives you a real glimpse at what a day in someone else’s life is like. This type of video can take several different formats. For example, the video we produced to show a day in Kevin’s life was used as a motivational tool for a nonprofit. A day in the life video can also focus on recruiting and show how an employee enjoys work-life balance. Another option is to walk through how a product or service improves someone’s life to boost sales.

A day in the life video should be interesting, entertaining, and resonate with the viewer. It should be authentic and build trust. The viewer will likely see something in the video that reminds them of their own routine and their own life. When used correctly, a day in the life video can be used as an effective marketing tool to increase awareness and interest in your brand, product or service.

Tips for creating a day in the life video

A great day in the life video involves a combination of b-roll (video of a person throughout their day), narration of the day, as well as an interview covering the day.

Consider these tips to produce quality day in the life videos that will engage your audience.

1. Find the right person to highlight. You want to find someone who is relatable, but may also be motivational depending on your goal. This person should be comfortable in front of the camera, but also able to give a real perspective and insight into their day. Every day looks a little different, so the video should not be heavily scripted, but the person who is profiled should be able to let you know what their schedule is like. If your day in the life video is focused on a specific product or service, make sure to talk about what their day was like before and how it’s improved because of your business.

2. Capture the right moments. Expertise is key here. This type of video is called a day in the life because it usually is captured in one day. For that timeline, you can’t risk missing a shot. Work with a team who knows how to capture the right moments to make the day compelling and complete. Even moments that may seem insignificant can make a big difference in the flow of the video.

3. Distribute it on the right platforms. There are so many options for day in the life videos. You can post them on social media, send them in email updates and newsletters, add them to your website, or even hold a special online viewing party. The goal is to get as many people to see and share the video as possible. After all, a lot of time and work went into it!

If you’re considering a day in the life video, work with the experts at Lucie Content. We know how to produce high quality content that will set you apart from the competition and #createyournews.