Value + Content = Conversions

The secret to growing your business is out. A great product or service, a solid internal team, and hard work all matter. But there is something else that can support your business and generate more sales - valuable content.

Valuable content has the potential for a high ROI, can generate three times more leads than traditional marketing, and costs less than outbound marketing. If you’re not already giving your clients valuable content, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

You’re probably familiar with the types of content produced by businesses and you likely interact with it on a daily basis. Social media posts, videos, emails, webinars, infographics. The list goes on and on.

Content by itself is great and may give you quality results. But what about that other piece of the formula to grow your business? Value. Valuable content really helps your business stand out.

How do you define valuable content?

If content doesn’t have value, it won’t help your organization. As digital marketing experts, we know first-hand how important it is to have an online presence.

We have seen businesses who struggle to keep up with digital demands, so they post something because they think they have to. No one sees or interacts with the content. Maybe it’s too much about the business. Maybe it’s too confusing. Maybe it’s just not helpful. No matter the problem, it’s an unfruitful effort to generate leads.

That’s where the most important part of this equation comes in. Valuable content can make all of the difference. But how do you define valuable content? It can be tricky because what’s valuable to one person may not be valuable to another.

Here are some parameters that we think are important to consider when you’re creating valuable content.

  • Valuable content is understandable. Have you ever visited a company’s website, only to be confused about what the company actually does? What service does the company offer? What product does the company sell? Sometimes, when we are so ingrained in our business, it’s hard to verbalize the core of the business to someone else in a way that makes sense. Valuable content is understandable. You have to assume that your potential client or customers doesn’t know much about you. That’s where Lucie Content can help. We find the heart of the business and present it in a way that’s understandable.

  • Valuable content is helpful. Valuable content should help solve a pain point for a potential customer or client. Is there a common question that your sales team gets? Write a piece of content about it. It’s likely that others are experiencing the same problem or have the question. By providing a helpful piece of content, you’re adding value into someone’s day - and you’re likely already building trust, which can lead to sales.

  • Valuable content is shareable. There are countless pieces of viral content. It’s hard to compete, and not every single piece of content produced is going to get thousands of likes and shares. But valuable content is shareable. Valuable content makes an emotional connection through a story or video. After all, if you want your business to grow, you want people to share your content.

  • Valuable content reaches the right audience. When you go to the website for your favorite retail store, you’re only going to interact with content supporting their products. It would be weird to see a random viral video of cute animals. The point is, valuable content is posted on the right platforms so the right audience can see it, access it, and interact with it. The last thing you want is your marketing efforts to go to waste and not reach the intended audience.

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