Video Marketing Metrics that Matter

Businesses are starting to realize that video is key to growth. We’ve talked about ways video can connect with your audience, different types of videos to create, and tips for creating quality video content.

But once you’ve created video content, how do you know it’s contributing to business growth? How can you measure if video is making a difference in your marketing strategy? How do you know if you’re getting the right return on your investment?

Like any other part of your business, analytics are a key component of video marketing. Tracking analytics on videos helps you know what’s working, which types of videos to keep producing, and which videos delivered different results than you predicted.

Here are three video marketing metrics that will help you understand how your video marketing strategy is performing:

1. Views - This is simple, but generally the more views, the better a video is received by its audience. If a video has a high number of views, it’s safe to assume it’s popular and is considered quality content by the viewers. While the number of views is important to track, it won’t give you the full picture of what’s happening with your videos. People may only watch a few seconds of the video and move on. In that case, the view is still counted even though the viewer didn’t find it interesting. That’s why it’s important to look at more than one metric to see if your video marketing strategy is working. Increase the number of views by making sure you use it on multiple platforms, like social media, newsletters, and emails.

2. Click-through rate - Click-through rate is another powerful tool to see if your audience likes your content. Click-through rate is the number of views divided by the number of people who clicked on the video. If a video is produced to drive a conversion, click-through rate is an important indicator of how well the video is gathering new leads. Increase click-through rate by making sure the title is engaging, using captions if posted on social media, creating an interesting call to action, and adding an attractive thumbnail.

3. View Length - Does your video grab and hold attention? Video length will tell you if the audience finds the content interesting or not. Less than half of viewers will watch a video all the way until the end, even if the video is short. View length tells you how many people found your content interesting before moving on to something else. It can be extremely helpful to see how long people are watching before they drop off. Either the rest of the video is not interesting or the video is posted on the wrong platform and not getting the intended engagement. You can either go back to editing or change your placement.

Keeping an eye on these metrics will help fine tune your video marketing strategy. If you’re ready to invest in videos that create change and drive growth for your company, contact us today. Let’s create your news!

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