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What is Live Streaming and How Does it Work?

Looking to improve your business's online presence and engage with your audience in real time? Live streaming may be just the tool you need. Lucie Content's latest article breaks down everything you need to know about live streaming, from how it works to the types of events you can stream. Whether you're looking to host a Q&A session, product demonstration, or even a webinar, live streaming offers endless opportunities for promoting your brand and connecting with your audience. Plus, with the help of Lucie Content's experienced production team, you can rest assured that your live stream will be a success. Contact us today to learn more about our live-streaming services and see examples of our past events.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is when media is simultaneously recorded and broadcasted over the internet in real-time. This modern-day feature is a great opportunity for businesses to interact with their online communities, improve their brand visibility, and reach a new audience. It can be as simple as ‘going live’ on Facebook, or as in-depth as hiring a video production company (like Lucie Content) to produce a multi-camera live stream.

If we think back, there was lots of live streaming taking place during the peak of COVID-19. In an effort to reduce the number of people at in-person events, businesses would live stream for the public. Churches would live stream their sermons, trade shows went virtual, and concerts offered an option to view online. But live streaming not only comes in handy during a global pandemic, it’s great exposure for any event. Because once the content has been live streamed, the recording can be used as promotional material and even a thank you message. To keep it simple, the benefits of live streaming are endless!

How Does Live Streaming Work?

At Lucie Content, we have a production team with years of experience who can do the heavy lifting for your next live streaming event. However, here’s a brief overview of how live streaming works:

  • First, you use a video camera or webcam to capture video.

  • Second, the video is sent to an encoder. This encoder may be located inside of a hardware encoder or through a software encoder.

  • The encoder takes the RAW files from your camera and converts them into smaller files that can be streamed online.

  • The encoder ingests the now streamable video into an online video platform via RTMP.

  • The online video platform uses a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver the video to viewers via an HTML5 video player via HLS.

What Kind of Events Can I Live Stream?

The possibilities are endless! Here’s a list of events you can live stream:

  • Q&A Sessions

  • Product Demonstrations

  • Live Interviews

  • Give Your Views On a Trending Topic

  • Host Quizzes

  • Live Streaming From Events

  • Behind-the-Scenes

  • Host a Webinar

  • And more

Current Popular Live Streaming Apps:

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Can Lucie Content Help Me Live Stream?

Absolutely! Lucie Content has assembled a strong, passionate, and knowledgeable team with a variety of expertise. With decades of experience, we are former producers, reporters, photographers, and digital content specialists. Together, we understand how to tell a story, what elements it will need, how quickly things should be produced, and how to market the final product effectively.

If you’re interested in having Lucie Content help with your next live streaming event, contact us today!

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Examples of Lucie Content’s Live Stream Events


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