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Why You Need Employee Profile Videos: Updated 2022

Studies show that users spend 88% more time browsing on websites that have videos. Video marketing is without a doubt one of the most important forms of advertisement for your company.

Video profiles are a great way to take your company profile video production to the next level. You get to present the real people behind your business in an effective way that instantly impresses potential customers.

Not sure if your business needs individual profile videos? Continue reading to find out why they're a must-have in your video marketing strategy!

Videos With an Impact

Now that you know how video is the number one form of media used in marketing, you might be wondering how you can add it to your company's marketing.

One way to start is through employee or executive profile videos that provide a behind-the-scenes look at individuals working at your company. A profile video is a powerful way to share the people behind the brand. This gives your business a personable feel.

Rather than telling your potential clients about what you offer, profile videos can show who you are and the amazing work your employees are doing.

Why Profile Employees?

Viewers are able to see friendly people who want to help them. Whether it's at the executive level or the front-line employees. This could be a deciding factor when choosing your company over another.

These profile videos humanize your brand and make it feel more welcoming. Customers are able to see the smiling faces of your employees and what they each bring to the table and why. It allows you to instantly build trust with clients.

This can not only draw in new customers but also retain your current ones. This is especially true for intimidating industries such as financial and legal services.

Let Your Customers Provide Proof

Another impactful way to share your company is through customer profile videos. This is when you interview a current customer or client and have them share their experience while working with your company.

This allows viewers to see and hear first-hand how you've helped different customers. It further proves that what your company promises is the truth.

Customers can give a shout-out to specific employees for their great work. They can also give glowing reviews and recommendations in the video.

It's easy to say you're the best in the business. But when you have actual customers agreeing with you – it has a much greater effect!

Benefits of Profile Videos

Employee profiles add value to your business by showcasing the wonderful work you are doing. Personal videos are so much more powerful than someone reading a few paragraphs on your website about your statistics or experience.

An employee profile video is placed on your company's website or can be shared on your social media pages. Viewers are able to easily click to learn more about who is working at your company.

In an interview-style format, you can have your employees share their role in the company, something personal about themselves, as well as the time and dedication they put into their job.

These are important videos because they might be someone's first impression of your brand. You want them to be high quality and well thought out. But don’t be too discouraged about length. Profile videos only need to be a couple of minutes long to be impactful.

Why You Need Profile Videos

Every company can benefit from a quality employee profile video. That's because the right video can increase conversion rates on your website.

Video marketing is a valuable tool that you don't want to miss out on. Today's consumers expect to have a more personal connection with companies.

Video provides a "face-to-face" interaction with the people behind your brand. Customers want to feel like they know and trust who they're doing business with.

Your video should grab the viewers' attention within the first five seconds. One video can go a long way in improving conversions and getting more customers.

Great For Recruiting Too!

Employee profile videos not only entice potential customers but also act as great recruiting tools.

Sharing how other employees are interacting and their daily progress in the company can encourage job hunters to apply. This gives you even more options when hiring for a new position.

What Should Your Employee Profile Include?

You may be wondering what makes a great employee profile video. There are a few elements to include.

An interview-style employee profile is a great way to create a comfortable, laid-back setting for your video. The employee is sitting and having a conversation about their experience and role.

It's also a good idea for the employee to share some of their personal interests and hobbies. They might also choose to mention what they enjoy about working at your company and any past experience that enhances their current work.

Make Your Video Stand Out

When crafting an employee profile video, you want to make sure it stands out in a positive way. A professional and high-quality video reflects your company's standards.

Plan ahead on which questions you want to ask your employees. We always recommend filming the videos interview style, so it comes across as more genuine than pre-planned talking points. You can prepare the employees on how to respond, but try to avoid over planning.

Keep It Engaging

When trying to share your company, it might be hard to keep it short and sweet. However, it's important to cut down your video to the key points only.

If your video is too long, it's going to lose your viewers' interest. Keep interview videos around 2-3 minutes maximum and only have one or two people talking.

You can include employees and testimonials from current clients. If you lose interest when watching your video or reading the script, then your viewers will too.

Try Adding B-Roll

Keep your video engaging by also adding B-roll. This can break up a scene of someone sitting and talking to the camera.

B-roll is imagery that supplements the main footage of the video. For example, if you have an interview-style video of a person speaking, you might cut away to sights within the city they are talking about.

Think of different b-roll options to use. This could be employees working or talking in a meeting. It could be someone working on a product or visuals of the area where your company is located. Extra video keeps the video interesting to watch.

Choose the Right Speakers

Not everyone translates well on camera. Some people are better at speaking when being filmed than others. This could come down to practice or natural ability.

You never know who is going to work well on camera until you put an actual camera in front of them and press record!

Even the best speakers in-person might feel awkward on camera. This might just take some practice and additional takes.

Choose the speakers who are on camera based on their role in the company and how well they present on film.

This might not apply to all people and circumstances. But consider auditioning a few different people in the company to find out who works best for the video.

Hire Professionals

A lot goes into creating a professional-looking video. The equipment alone can make or break the video quality.

No one wants to watch a video with poor audio or visuals. It also helps to have someone coaching speakers and making sure they get the best take. Plus, the editing process can take even longer than filming.

You might film for hours only to realize something went wrong with the footage or equipment. Things like poor audio or bad lighting can make the video unusable. This can result in wasted time.

Hire professionals who know the ins and outs of video production. Professionals know how to create an amazing company profile video efficiently.

You'll be proud to share the end result on your website.

Plan Your Video Marketing

Once you have multiple employee profile videos completed, you should create a video marketing plan to follow. Brainstorm company advertisement ideas that you can incorporate into your new video.

You might consider which platforms to use when embedding your video onto your website. Then promote your video through email and social media campaigns.

The possibilities are endless!

Get Started On Your Company Profile Video Production Today!

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Your employee profile videos have the potential to increase your website conversions considerably. Don't miss out on the power of video marketing.

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Original Article

In a world where you can find almost anything online, simply having a web presence is not enough. You have to set your company apart, and one way to do that is to create employee profile videos.

Employee profile videos help put a face to your business and brand. Instead of just seeing a logo and text on a website, potential customers see another person, creating an automatic connection and building immediate trust.

What is an employee profile video?

An employee profile video is a quick look at a person who works at your company. This could be the CEO or anyone on the executive team, or it could be a dedicated employee who has a unique skillset you want to highlight. No matter who is featured, the goal is to show personality and give some basic knowledge about that person and the company.

Most of the time, employee profile videos are shot interview style. This helps employees feel more relaxed and also creates a more authentic experience for the viewer. When the tone is more conversational, the viewer will feel more relaxed. Employee profile videos don’t need to be long. We typically recommend between two and three minutes.

Why employee profile videos are important

Employee profile videos are important for these three reasons:

  1. They humanize your brand. Employee profile videos help show the human side of your business. When you show a smiling face, you create quicker connections and build trust from the very beginning. Building trust helps draw in new customers and also retain current ones. With our clients, we’ve seen the benefits of humanizing a business with financial advisors and attorneys. For some potential clients, those industries may seem intimidating, so creating that authentic connection and showing there is a real person who works there is extremely beneficial. We’ve created employee profile videos for our wealth advisor client, Regent Peak. This one featuring its Chief Compliance Officer is a perfect mixture of professional and personal. Wouldn’t you trust a wealth advisor with a Chief Compliance Officer who likes to follow the rules?

  2. They are great recruiting tools. When profile videos are shared on social media, they create interest. You want your video to be interesting enough for others to say, “I’d like to work there, too!” For one of our clients, we create employee video profiles to not only highlight interesting people who already work within the company, but also to help recruit new ones.

  3. They add value to your business. When you show off employees and highlight their best attributes, you’re adding a significant amount of value to your business. Someone might read on your website that you have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. But when they click on a video and they hear what an employee has accomplished in those 20 years, it’s much more memorable. We’ve produced more than a dozen employee video profiles for one of our clients, Taylor English. In this example, Reggie Snyder talks about how a combination of experience in commercial, construction and real estate industries helps him in a new, booming industry - cannabis.

Employee profile videos primarily include information about the person’s role, passion for the job, and life outside of work. These videos often give a head start on the sales process. If a customer watches your videos before they walk in the door, they already feel like they know and your employees.

If you’re ready to start humanizing your business with quality videos that resonate with viewers, the Lucie team is here to help you get started. Our motto is create your news, and we’re ready to create yours.

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