Lucie Series: CAG Lumber

Lucie Series: CAG Lumber

Stephen Brown can tell you about a tree’s entire life just by looking at a single piece of wood. “Wood can tell you a story about the growth, because the growth rings, the tighter they are there wasn’t much rain. In one inch you can have 30 growth rings, so that’s 30 years of growth,” he told us.

He started CAG Lumber in Gainesville, GA more than 20 years ago as a hobby, but says he just kept adding more inventory. Eventually, the business escalated and Brown turned his lumber mill hobby into a true craft.

He now helps people across the country find the perfect piece of exotic wood. “We’re sort of a one stop shop. We’re a custom shop, a facility that can do most anything, all for the largest variety of wood in the Southeast,” Brown said.

If you stop by CAG Lumber, you will probably find a variety of people in the yard, from expert woodturners to families looking to turn a fallen tree into a family heirloom. Most of them are looking for the rare selection of exotic slabs Brown offers. “We probably have 30 to 40 species. Some you can’t hardly buy anymore anywhere,” Brown told us.

Brown and his staff love helping customers find the perfect grain and character. Although he knows about so many different woods, he does have a clear favorite. “Black walnut is my favorite. That’s the most popular wood that we sell right now that you can’t hardly find enough of it to sell. Walnut has unique colors. Purples, reds, blues. Just a gorgeous wood.”

Brown says each attribute and imperfection in the wood has a story. “The way this tree grew, there was a limb that came off. This gives you that ripple effect.”

No matter how far away his customers are, Brown takes pride in treating all of them like close family and friends. Stop by CAG lumber to take a tour of the lumberyard, learn more about exotic lumbers, or to find that next piece that’s going to look perfect in your home.

We are telling CAG Lumber’s story as part of our Lucie Series. Lucie means light, and we believe in shining a light on all the good things people, businesses, and nonprofits are doing around us.

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