Lucie Series: Sculpt Personal Fitness Studio

Barry Richardson’s alarm clock goes off around 3:00 a.m. every morning. He does cardio, hits the shower, then gets ready for his first boot camp of the day at Sculpt Personal Fitness Studio in Dacula, Georgia.

“I’ve got really long days, but I don’t think I’ve ever stopped having really long days,” Richardson told us.

Sculpt Personal Fitness takes pride in being a different type of gym - not just another place with weights and dumbbells. Every person who comes through the door starts in the metabolic testing center, where the team takes measurements like weight and body fat. The first assessment is free and focuses on overall health and wellness goals.

“If you tell me this is your goal, this is your dream, I believe you. The biggest question we’re going to have is, ‘How?’”

After your assessment is complete, a custom game plan is developed. Then, Richardson and his staff work to find the right program to set their clients up for success. No matter how big his clients’ dreams are, Richardson is confident Sculpt Personal Fitness Studio can help them achieve their dreams. “Impossible is not a thing I believe in. I believe it’s only one perspective.”

Helping people of all ages and all shapes and sizes is nothing new to Richardson. This is his 16th year, and it’s truly his passion. Most days, he doesn’t feel like he’s working. “I’m going on my 16th year here in May, and I still don’t feel like I’ve worked a day.”

Thanks, Barry, for sharing your love for health and fitness with the Gwinnett County community! If you live near Sculpt Personal Fitness Studio in Dacula, Georgia, make sure to stop by for your first free assessment.

We are telling Sculpt Personal Fitness Studio’s story as part of our Lucie Series. Lucie means light, and we believe in shining a light on all the good things people, businesses, and nonprofits are doing around us.

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