Our Team


Craig Lucie

Craig started this company to shine a light on the positive things happening in our world and to share compelling stories that resonate with your audience. He has won an EMMY for Best News Anchor, been named best on-air personality in the southeast on several occasions and now wants to help you Create your news.


George Marshalek

An expert in planning, producing and strategically distributing digital content, George has spent his entire career in digital media. Prior to joining Lucie, George oversaw and took round-the-clock ownership of the top Atlanta broadcast station’s website, smartphone applications, and social media channels.


Bill Rawson Smith

With more than 30 years’ experience as a storyteller, team leader and trusted thought partner to inspirational leaders and global brands, Bill’s areas of expertise include communications strategy, media relations, speechwriting and content development.


Tracey Christensen

An award-winning digital marketer with extensive experience in media, social media, communications and influencer strategies, Tracey has been honored with 16 awards, including seven Emmy Awards, two Edward R. Murrow awards and the Target Gold Award for social media marketing.


Jason Cermak

Jason is a writer, director, cinematographer, editor and visual effects artist. Production hard work is in his DNA and quietly working to deliver you the video of your dreams is what he does best.


Jessica Poole

A three-time Emmy Award winning producer with more than a decade of experience, Jessica knows how to deliver impactful content that best represents and showcases her clients. Additionally, Jessica excels at project management, helping clients make the most of their time and money spent.


EJ Alvarez

EJ loves making people happy with his creative thoughts and producing videos has achieved that dream for him. He loves a good challenge, which is why he always uses the latest filming techniques and gear to make your projects come to life.


Ryan Hughes

For more than 15 years, Ryan served as a TV news reporter and anchor at stations in Florida and Maine. A natural and compelling storyteller, Ryan's stories have aired on stations and networks nationally and internationally, including ABC News, NBC News, CNN and the BBC. Ryan is based in Tampa, and looking forward to helping you Create your news.

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