Content Creation


Lucie Content is your Atlanta based award-winning partner in content creation. Reach out to us today to begin your journey to #createyournews

Content is STILL king

Strong content will help your business grow. That sounds like a bold statement, but at Lucie, we have witnessed it work time and time again for our clients. Content is what connects you to your audience, helps them put a face to a name and understand you more, and, ultimately, encourages them to come back to strengthen that connection. Your content has a big job to do and creating it can feel like an even bigger one. It is a good thing this is where Lucie excels.

So, what should your content be exactly? We at Lucie believe one of the most impactful and versatile forms of content creation is video production.

Seventy-five million people in the United States watch online videos a day. Lucie can help you leverage your online presence to reach as many of those people as possible. We have assembled an Emmy award-winning team that has produced thousands of videos. We are hands-on from start to finish. We will learn about your organization, company, or nonprofit and the goals you wish to achieve. Then, we collaborate together to create scripts and plans. Our goal here is to remain authentic to who you are and to stay true to your business brand.

Our award winning creative team knows know bounds

Lucie’s production crews are top-notch. Our Creative Director has an impressive resume after spending nearly two decades in Los Angeles working on an array of productions from feature films, TV shows, and documentaries to commercials and web series. We ensure our team works with industry-leading cameras, lighting, and drones. For post-production, we also offer animation and motion graphics.

Our expertise in video production opens the door to countless number of content styles. We can record a podcast series for your company, create profiles of yourself and employees for your website, or produce something more cinematic to post on social media.

Speaking of social media, the concept behind content creation is to provide your audience with free and valuable information that will show them you are an authority in your industry. Social media is the perfect tool to do just that. We have experience in guiding clients with social media campaigns that have shown success in increasing engagement and reaching more people.

We believe video production is the powerhouse of content creation, but Lucie is home to experienced journalists. And you know journalists—we never like to miss an angle. What do we mean? If there is an audience to gain, we want to find them. To do this, we apply our content creation strategies to all potential platforms. Newsletters, mailers, blogs, and websites can be crucial to your marketing plan, and it is necessary to fill them with content that is meaningful, informative, and eye-catching.

Content creation is about telling your story in creative, compelling ways that establish you as the best. It drives new people to your organization and helps retain those already engaged. Lucie cannot wait to use our unique approach to content creation to do just that and more for your business.