Crisis Communications

The Lucie team has decades of experience working in crisis situations. Our former careers as journalists revolved around breaking news. What we thought our day would look like oftentimes would change in an instant. We would be required to drop everything and respond. We learned how to work quickly and to stay calm in order to communicate a clear and concise message under extreme pressure. Years of doing this day after day have sharpened our skills and made us the experts our clients need to guide them during a crisis.

While Lucie believes in the authenticity and integrity of your organization, it is always a wise business choice to be prepared for if the unthinkable were to happen. There are three areas of crisis communications that Lucie will focus on with you.



Lucie will look at all the possible scenarios that could compromise your brand or mission. We will map out what our response would be to each of those scenarios as well as an action plan for not only our team but your team as well. We will lead training sessions to guide your employees through those responses.

The planning stage could seem tedious and unnecessary to many organizations, but it is, in fact, quite the opposite. If a crisis situation does arise, speed and efficiency are vital to successfully navigating through it. Having a solid set of plans before anything ever happens will ensure those key elements are achieved.


Crisis Management

The Lucie team is equipped and ready to hit the ground running for you the second a crisis happens. As we said earlier, we thrive in high-stress environments where decisions must be made quickly and with authority. We also know how important it is to work as a team during a crisis.

Lucie will be at the scene of the crisis directly gathering information, communicating with you, and helping to process all of the facts. We will then be your point person for communicating with the media. We can help with press releases, prepare you for interviews or press conferences, and compose content for your social media and digital platforms. We will also assist with disseminating information with your employees.


Lucie will continue to work with your after any immediate crisis has passed. We will evaluate what happened and how our team responded to the situation. We will look at what we did well and if there are any areas of improvement where we could help you more in the future. We will also follow up with any updates we can provide to the media, your customers, and employees. We will share what your organization is doing moving forward during the recovery process, on what corrective actions have been taken, and what preventative measures are now in place.

When it comes to crisis communications, Lucie’s goals are to be transparent and honest, to be an advocate for you as well as your employees and customers, and to provide a sense of calm in any uncertainty. Our guidance will help your organization safely navigate through a time of crisis while maintaining your integrity and professionalism.