Case Studies

Taylor English

Taylor English came to Lucie in 2019, looking for a media partner who knows how to get results. Lucie helped guide the team through the COVID-19 pandemic, while producing videos and video podcasts, earning media spots, and consulting on social media.


Gray Television

Gray came to Lucie in search of a non-traditional marketing partner– one with the bandwidth to work side-by-side with Gray’s CEO– to tell the story of Gray’s growth in both the television and entertainment industries. Gray needed an agency that knew the ins and outs of the television industry, and who could help make Gray a household name through its media contacts in Atlanta and across the country.


Regent Peak

Regent Peak hired Lucie to bring a fresh approach to its marketing, as their leaders understood the power of content creation, a strategic social media plan, and leveraging the voice of their Founding Principal and Managing Director. And, this is where the Lucie team delivers, creating more than 20 videos, 20 articles, and nearly 100 social media posts in less than a year. Now, the Regent Peak social channels drive engagement!

Regent Peak also came to Lucie for a more user-friendly website for its team and clients. Lucie successfully designed, organized, and launched their new...


Starling Living

Starling hired Lucie to deliver a new marketing approach. What’s most important to Starling? Creative content. Staring leadership understands the power of stories and quickly realized that Lucie strives to create clear and concise content. Through compelling stories and videos featuring residents and staff, Lucie has created masterpieces to showcase the very best of Starling’s communities across Florida.

In 2021, Lucie put together more than a dozen videos for Starling. A series of those videos featured mothers and fathers living in Starling communities, which we posted on Starling’s...


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