What’s the process to becoming a client?

There are several steps to becoming a client.

  1. Once you fill out our client form, we schedule a time to connect with you about your needs, wants and expectations.
  2. We establish a budget and offer a proposal suited to your needs and timeline. The proposal includes pre-production planning, production time, and post-production.
  3. We send a quote based on your budget. When the quote is approved, we send a contract you can sign electronically.

  4. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to lock in the production date on our calendar.

  5. Pre-production planning begins. We discuss your story and the best concepts for your video.

  6. We hold a pre-shoot meeting to make sure our team is up to speed and ready to execute.

  7. Production day!

  8. Following the shoot, our team imports the footage and makes a backup copy.

  9. The video is delivered based on your schedule. We will send you a digital file to review.

  10. Once you and your team have reviewed, share your feedback with us. We offer three revisions per project.

  11. The final version is delivered to you via digital file.

  12. That’s a wrap!

Why should I share my budget?

Every business has a budget. Sharing your budget allows us to outline what we can accomplish within the amount you’re willing to spend. We have better results when clients present us with a budget and tell us their objectives. To help us quickly establish a budget, we recommend having a reference video in mind. You can ask us how much a similar video would cost. We also recommend you stay open-minded, even if you have a specific video type or style in mind. Our team is full of story-telling experts with decades of experience.

How many revisions can I request?

We state in our contracts that you have 2 revisions. It’s best to make sure your entire team reviews and you gather their comments prior to sharing your feedback. Revisions take time, so gathering internal feedback before sending us your comments will help us deliver your video within our deadline.

Can I get the raw footage?

The short answer is yes, but for a fee. Anything outside of the final deliverable is not included in what we deliver to our clients. When you hire us, you are investing in our team’s time, expertise, and the final deliverable. You can purchase raw footage for 150% of the contract price. For example, if the project price is $10,000, the price of the raw footage would be $15,000. Once you purchase the raw footage, you can use it at your discretion.

There are several factors that go into purchasing raw footage.

  1. Copyright. We want to protect the rights of everyone involved in a project. Music, video clips, etc. in your video may be subject to copyright. We handle making sure all the elements are cleared for the video’s use. When a video is complete, we sign the copyright over to you. This cost is included in your quote.

  2. File size. One hour of footage can be around 750 GB on high-end cameras. If your shoot lasts 10 hours, that’s 7,500 GB. The price for a hard drive to hold that amount of data is expensive. It also takes 20 hours or more to correctly export all of the data.

  3. Loss of future work. We take pride in what we do. Oftentimes, when we hear a request for raw footage, we worry what someone else will do to the footage that we spent hours planning, creating, and crafting. Here's an analogy(s) for you. If you go to a restaurant and love a chef's dish, chances are they are not going to turn over the recipe so a competitor can copy it. We're based in Atlanta, which is the home of Coke, and that recipe is under lock and key forever. ;)

  4. Technical blemishes. Videography is a craft. The raw footage may include an hour of time getting the perfect shot. There may be other shots that would never make it into your video. There may be other technical problems. No matter the reason, blemishes are likely on raw footage. The final product you receive is the result of hours spent removing and polishing these blemishes.

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