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Discover the advantages of bringing a former news reporter on board to strengthen your business. Learn how their storytelling prowess, media know-how, and crisis management skills can revitalize your brand. Find out how Lucie Content, led by seasoned news anchor Craig Lucie, can amplify your business growth through expert content creation and strategic distribution. Contact us now to explore this dynamic opportunity."

A former news reporter can potentially help your business in several ways. Their experience in journalism often equips them with valuable skills that can be applied to various aspects of business operations. Lucie’s owner, Craig Lucie, was a news anchor for almost two decades. With the help of his team, Craig helped take the newsroom model where great stories are identified, created, and then leveraged for strategic distribution. Content is king, but only with the right distribution strategy. Craig often tells people that Lucie is now creating more stories than he was while working in the number-one newsroom in the country. Here are a few areas where a former news reporter's expertise may be beneficial:


News reporters excel at distilling complex information into clear, concise, and engaging narratives. They can help you craft compelling messaging for your business, whether it's in marketing materials, press releases, or internal communications.


A former news reporter has firsthand knowledge of how the media works, including building relationships with journalists, understanding news cycles, and identifying newsworthy angles. They can assist with media outreach, pitching stories, and managing press inquiries to enhance your company's visibility and reputation.


News reporters are skilled at researching and creating high-quality content. They can contribute to developing blog posts, articles, case studies, or other written materials that showcase your industry expertise and attract an audience.


Dealing with unexpected challenges is an integral part of a news reporter's job. Their experience in handling crises, remaining calm under pressure, and communicating effectively can be valuable in guiding your business through difficult situations and managing public perception.

Remember, the extent to which a former news reporter can help your business depends on their specific skills, industry knowledge, and areas of expertise. It's important to discuss your business needs and goals with them to determine how they can best contribute to your success. Interested in having news veterans like Lucie Content help with your business? Contact us today.