Media Consulting

Why should you use Lucie for media consulting? Our team, equipped with extensive experience and industry knowledge, can prepare your organization for media coverage in ways that no one else can.

Lucie founder and Emmy-award winning journalist Craig Lucie spent nearly two decades in the news business. Starting as an anchor and reporter in Corpus Christi, Texas, his passion for telling major, breaking news stories set the tone for his career. He was on the ground covering stories for newsrooms in Austin, Texas and then Orlando, Florida before making the move to Atlanta, Georgia. Here, Lucie held a highly esteemed position as an anchor and reporter at one of the premier news stations in the country. But, in 2019, he chose to walk away from the anchor desk so he could follow his dream of helping tell your stories in your own way

Lucie has assembled a strong team to do just that. With decades of experience between them, former producers, reporters, photographers, digital content specialists and more now share Craig’s dream. We know what kind of content catches a newsroom’s attention. We understand the way journalists look at a story, what elements they will need, and how quickly things will need to be produced.

Here is what you can expect from us:


From the story pitch to the interview, we will make sure you are able to tell your organization’s story in a compelling, effective manner that also aligns with your brand and business goals. We will rehearse interviews, brainstorm potential questions reporters may ask, and help you determine strong talking points to empower you to dictate the flow of information. Our video production team will be key in helping to ensure you are comfortable in front of a camera before your interview. We can also assist with image consulting to enhance your overall presentation.


We will be there throughout the entire production process from start to finish. Our job is to be behind the scenes of your media interview to make sure you and your story shine as brightly as possible. We will answer any questions you may have during production and also be your advocate if any concerns arise. We will ensure the news team gets all the interviews they need as well as any extra footage that will assist with putting together their story.


Once the newsroom alerts us the date and time your piece will hit the air, we will be ready with a meticulously crafted strategy on how to best distribute your story on digital and social media platforms. Also, our experience tells us the interest of one newsroom usually drives interest from other media outlets. We will use this to our advantage to gain the most media coverage possible for your organization.

Media coverage can easily catapult your business, organization, or nonprofit on a trajectory of growth and further success. For that reason, it demands preparation and careful planning. Let our team with Lucie put in the work that will make you feel confident and in control during what could easily be a stressful process.