Video Production

Video Production is at the heart of Lucie.

The majority of our team members have flourished in the high intensity, fast-paced environment of a newsroom, where video production is the bread and butter of the industry. We didn’t stop there. Our Creative Director has worked in film for decades. His resume is extensive, and he is ready to pour all that knowledge into your project.

So, it goes without saying, taking complex stories and telling them in an easy to follow and compelling way is second nature for our team. What does that mean for you? It means we can take your story and highlight it through a video to propel your business, organization, or nonprofit down a path to reaching a wider audience.

Lucie has mastered all types of formats. From hype reels, to commercials, podcasts, documentaries, and more—we can do it all. Our goal is to find which method fits you the best and speaks to your target audience the loudest.


We will meet with you to determine what you may hear us in conversation refer to as “your lead.” This will be the driving force behind anything we do moving forward. It is the heart and soul of your organization, business, or nonprofit. It is the most important thing you want your audience to know. After determining that, we will decide how best to showcase it and what supporting elements we will need.

Production Day

This is an exciting step in our process. We get to take all that work and planning and channel in an artistic way. On production day, our content creators will meet you on site, and then, we will get to talk about your organization. Yes, it is that easy—just with an impressive array of lights and cameras recording it all.

We will come prepared with questions so we make sure we can hit the main talking points—especially the lead! But sometimes the best content is the kind that flows organically with conversation. We will interview as many people as we have outlined are necessary for your piece. We will also obtain what we call b-roll. This is all the supporting video shots we will use to help tell your story: video of you working, talking to clients, your products, your building, and more.


Now, here is where we get to deliver on what we have promised. Our team will take the hours of raw footage and review everything. We will listen to interviews. We will see what video we have to work with to write out a script for your production. Then, like a puzzle, we will cut and edit them in a way that best tells your story.

Project Completion

Now, this really is the best part. You get to share it. It’s time for your video to hit your website, YouTube, social media, and other digital platforms. Or, we can really take things off your plate and help you with that too.

We cannot wait to help you Create Your News!